We have designed the Little Giant MightyLite™ to address the three leading types of stepladder injuries:

  1. 1. Painful shoulder, neck, and back injuries from carrying heavy equipment
  2. 2. Dangerous falls from standing on the top rung or top cap
  3. 3. Ankle, knee, and back injuries from missing the bottom rung while descending the ladder

First, the MightyLite is significantly lighter than any comparable traditional stepladder. Second, the MightyLite’s design helps to prevent users from standing on the top rung, the most common cause of severe stepladder falls. Third, the MightyLite’s patented-pending Ground Cue prevents injuries by signaling the user when it is safe to dismount the ladder.

The MightyLite no-pinch platform design opens easily from a slim 5” storage profile and offers wide comfortable treads on each rung, with a very spacious, comfortable standing deck.

Its innovative top cap allows to you keep all of your tools close at hand—no more trips up and down the ladder for tools or hardware. The Little Giant MightyLite is available in both Type IA 300 lbs and Type IAA 375 lbs ratings.